Molloy Lawn & Landscape offers a 7-step lawn fertilization programA healthy lawn starts with a comprehensive lawn care program. At Molloy Lawn & Landscape, we are proud to offer our 7-step, eco-friendly lawn care program. Using natural fertilizers and organic-based products, your lawn will stay lush, green and healthy all growing season long.

Why Choose Us For Your Lawn Care Needs?

Because, our approach is simple: We use only the best organic-based products available, applied by skilled and certified technicians. By being pro-active, our trained lawn care professionals will apply exactly what your lawn needs at the right time of the year. With over 50 years experience, we have serviced thousands of lawns. This means you can rest assured that we will have the knowledge to treat your lawn and identify any issues before they become a problem. And, because we use only the finest eco-friendly products available, we will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay healthy during every season.

Our 7-Step Lawn Care Program:

Step 1. PH- Calcium / Pre-Emergent*Molloy Lawn & Landscape offers all-natural 7-step lawn fertilization

-Soil detox and recharge for the upcoming season

Step 2. Balanced Fertilizer / Kelp / Molasses

-Spring feeding, soil conditioning & additional microbial feeding

Step 3. Seasonal Grub Control*

-Takes preventative measures to avoid grub damage to your lawn

Step 4. Healthy Compost TeaMolloy Lawn & Landscape uses an all-natural compost tea to fertilize your lawn

-Compost tea is an aerobic water-based solution containing extracted microbe populations from compost, along with the nutrients. It is a concentrated liquid created through a process to increase the numbers of beneficial organisms, as an organic approach to plant/soil care.

Step 5. Compost Super Tea

-Same as step 4 with added minerals to promote growth and resistance to pests & disease

Step 6. Balanced FertilizerMolloy Lawn & Landscape offers a 7-step lawn fertilization program

-Special balances fertilizer blend for winter growth and summer recovery

Step 7. PH-Calcium

-Makes nutrients more available and reducing acidity.

* Organic and Conventional Methods available

Additional Lawn Care Services:

Molloy Lawn & Landscape offers lawn care servicesIn addition to our regular lawn care program, Molloy Lawn & Landscape also offers:
  • Lawn renovation services
  • Soil Testing
  • Core aeration and over-seeding
  • Top-dressing
  • Thatch control
  • Disease and insect control and prevention
Contact us today for your no-obligation quote for lawn care and allow us to show you what we can do to improve your lawn and keep it healthy all season long. Simply, click¬† “Request A Quote” at the bottom of this page.