5 Troublesome Lawn and Yard Critters

You have a beautiful lawn and you want it to stay that way. Unfortunately, there are some troublesome lawn and yard critters that are ready to come into your yard and cause many problems. Below are 5 of the most troublesome lawn and yard critters that you may have to deal with.

Troublesome Lawn and Yard Critters 1 – Deer

When you have deer, you are going to see ragged bites at least a foot above the earth. They’re notorious for eating ornamental plants and flowers.

Troublesome Lawn and Yard Critters 2 – Rabbits

If the damage to the plant is several inches up, and some stems are cleanly clipped on an angle, the culprit is rabbits. Rabbits are happy to eat almost any type of vegetation, such as bushes, flowers, vegetables, and other kinds of woodsy plants. You can prevent this by putting wire mesh fences around your gardens and removing the debris that can give them shelter.

Troublesome Lawn and Yard Critters 3 – Voles

When you’re noticing your flower bulbs disappearing or roots of plants going missing, usually voles are the problem. These are mouse-like critters that burrow underground. Seeing exit holes are also going to be a sign that you have them tunneling beneath the garden. Trails, droppings in your lawn, and teeth marks going around your trees’ bases are also signs.

Troublesome Lawn and Yard Critters 4 – Groundhogs

Are you seeing dirt mounds next to holes? Chances are that you have groundhogs. These garden villains eat almost every green plant type. They’re going to be living in underground burrows, as their name indicates.

Troublesome Lawn and Yard Critters 5 – Chipmunks

These are adorable critters, but they can damage plant leaves, plant shoots, and flower bulbs. They also can uproot your plants and dig up your roots. It can be hard to find the burrows’ entrances since they’re very small. But you can foil the chipmunks’ activities by removing the yard debris that they like to hide in.

These are five of the most troublesome lawn and yard critters that you are going to find coming into your yard and eating your vegetables and causing lawn damage. If you want to have your lawn treated, we offer lawn care. Contact us here for a quote and we’ll be glad to show you what we can do to help you have a beautiful lawn. You can also contact us on Facebook to find out more about our services.


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