5 Tips for Protecting Plants During Drought

protecting plants during drought

Now that we are almost halfway through summer, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on protecting plants during drought. So here are five tips that you can use to help you to protect your plants during drought.

Protecting Plants During Drought Tip 1 – Water in the Early Part of the Morning

This is going to help with reducing evaporation and preventing the scorching of your leaves. This also will give your plants time for them to dry before nighttime. This is going to help with preventing pests that love really moist environments, such as fungi and slugs.

Protecting Plants During Drought Tip 2 – Pull Out Weeds

This is particularly important when there’s a drought since weeds often steal the essential moisture out of the soil.

Protecting Plants During Drought Tip 3 – Direct Water

If you have a plant that needs extra water, remove the base from a water bottle and stick it in the soil near that plant. Then water it through the bottle’s top. When you use this technique, the water is going to get specifically channeled to the root system of the plant.

Protecting Plants During Drought Tip 4 – Prepare Now for the Future

It’s not possible to predict the type of weather that you’re going to get in the coming summers. However, you can get ready for a possible drought by doing the following:

  • Digging some compost into your soil in autumn
  • Planting some native wildflowers, shrubs, and plants that are drought resistant

Protecting Plants During Drought Tip 5 – Add Mulch

Adding some mulch to the exposed areas in your garden will help with reducing evaporation. It also will help with maintaining a healthy temperature for the roots of your plants. Therefore, your plants will be better able to withstand droughts.

These are five tips that you can use to help you with protecting plants during drought. Want to have some more help with your lawn or garden? We are happy to answer your questions or give you a quote. Simply contact us here to find out more.



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