Dreaming of a stress free Fall?

During our spring & fall clean-up processes we remove all leaves, branches and other debris that has accumulated over the season around your property and landscape beds. Getting out into the fresh air can do much to revitalize your plants.

As the end of the growing season approaches and prepares for winter, we need to remember the risk of disease each year and remember that most diseases are able to survive the winter within infected plant debris. Let us minimize the amount of fungal material that survives the winter months by removing it from your property prior to the first snowfall of the year.

Schedule your Fall Cleanup Service

As we approach Fall, be sure to schedule your fall cleanup service with Molloy Lawn & Landscape.

Want to rake but have nowhere to put the leaves? We offer a rake and take option. Want someone else to handle the cleanup entirely? No problem! We have your back!

We also clean gutters!