Landscape Lighting & Design

With Molloy Lawn & Landscape's landscape lighting & decor program we can help maintain safety and security, while adding beauty and resale value to your property.A professionally installed low voltage landscape lighting & decor system will simultaneously increase the security, safety, beauty and resale value of your home. Landscape lighting installed by Molloy Lawn & Landscape can help you discover your home’s full potential. Molloy Lawn & Landscape‘s lighting and design program ensures that your home will look its best at all times.

By having us install your landscape lighting, you’ll beautify your home and your property. Exterior lighting can accentuate the outside of your home as well as your surrounding trees, flowers and shrubs. Molloy Lawn & Landscape can design and install your landscape lighting

Not only that, your property will be easier to traverse at night, especially if you have guests or late deliveries.  By avoiding falls and slips on your property, you can rest assured that guests and other visitors will be able to move safely around your property because it is well-lit.

More importantly, landscape lighting adds an element of security by keeping your property well-lit at night. Statistics show that homes with landscape lighting are 7% less likely to be broken into, than homes without any outside lighting.

Additionally, you can also increase your home’s resale value by up to 20% with landscape lighting. So, why wait? Contact Molloy Lawn & Landscape today for your quote for landscape lighting & design!

  • Lighting Services Include:
  • Design & Installation
  • Service
  • Yearly Maintenance Program & Design

Holiday Lighting & Decor

With Molloy Lawn & Landscape's seasonal landscape lighting & decor program we can take the stress and risk out of installing your holiday decor yourself. Let us light up your home for the holidays with our Seasonal Decor program.We also offer holiday lighting and decor installation and take-down. That means we will come to your property before the holidays, install your lights, and then take them down after the holidays have passed.

Festive lighting is the ultimate way to decorate for a special occasion. Our holiday decor lighting specialists will create a professional lighting design for the holidays, taking the stress out of doing it yourself.  You won’t have to worry about dragging out that box of holiday lights and decorations and installing them yourself. Molloy Lawn & Landscape offers seasonal decor services

And, when you hire Molloy Lawn & Landscape to design and install your holiday decor, you will eliminate the risk of climbing up and down ladders on your own. According to sources, each year there are about 200 decorating-related injuries that take place in America each day during the holiday season.

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