Plant Health Care Program

Keep Your Plants Healthy With Our Plant Health Care Program

Plants add beauty to your property and create a feeling of peace and tranquility in your yard. That’s why we are happy to provide you with a high-quality, 5-visit Plant Health Care Program. This service will help maintain, protect, and promote good health and vigor for your ornamental shrubs and trees up to 30′ high.

Here is a short breakdown of what we will do on each visit:

First Visit-We will look for damage from pests and apply a horticultural oil treatment to prevent insects.

Second Visit-We will again look for any signs of pests and use preventative disease & insect treatments as, necessary. We will also do a leaf-surface application containing all-natural fertilizer.

Third Visit-Scout for pests and apply preventative disease & insect treatments, as necessary. We will also do a surface application comprised of biological nutrients and compost tea.

Fourth Visit-Scout for pests and apply preventative disease & insect treatments, as necessary. We will also do a root feed application containing soil conditioners and all-natural fertilizer.

Fifth Visit-We will provide evergreen protection and protect your plants from excessive loss of moisture from wind and sun transpiration.

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Programs Include:

3 Benefits of Our Plant Health Care Program 

Your Home Has More Curb Appeal

One of the first benefits of using our Plant Health Care program, aside from healthy, vibrant plantings, is how much it can do to improve your home’s curb appeal. There are few things that can add to a home’s curb appeal than strong, healthy trees, shrubs, and plants.

Problems Are Identified Quickly

Another benefit of our Plant Health Care program is that any problems like plant disease, deficiencies or insect infestations are going to be identified quickly. When problems are caught soon enough, they are more likely to be resolved quickly and easily.

Disease And Pests Are Prevented

Finally, when you choose our Plant Health Care program, we are going to do our best to prevent any plant health issues. We use eco-friendly treatments that help with preventing diseases and damaging pests, keeping your plants healthy at all times.

Plant Healthcare Services Include:

  • IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
  • Insect & Disease Inspections and Diagnosis
  • Horticultural Oil Sprays
  • Deep Root Soil Conditioning Injection
  • Shrub Deep Root Feeding Injection
  • Organic Mulch Applications
  • Winter Moth/Gypsy Moth Sprays
  • Winter Overcoat Protective Anti-Transpirants
  • Organic Deer Repellant
  • Organic Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control

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